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Compatible with Model S vehicles produced in 2012-2020 and Model X vehicles produced in 2015-2020. This product is not compatible with 1st generation drop-in Premium
Center Console. 

For Model S with Tegra Infotainment computer, the USB output from the car is too small. Therefore, a 12V adapter is needed. (Example: https://amzn.to/3PDm0Ou) 

To check what Infotainment computer you have, from your touchscreen select
Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Information

The charger is compatible with almost all QI-enabled phones. Both IOS and Android. The charger accommodates phones with cases up to 82 mm wide and 14 mm thick.

If you want to use the MagSafe magnets with a case it needs to be MagSafe compatible. 

*Not compatible with the iPhone mini series

MagSafe is a magnetic system found in iPhone 12 and 13 models. 

The charger has 20 magnets that align with the MagSafe magnets in supported devices. This allows the charger to have a sleek look with no "arms" holding your phone.

The charger ships with two "arms" that magnetically attach to the charger. The "arms" will hold your non-MagSafe phone securely. You can see this in action in our video.


We ship worldwide. Free shipping in the US. Additional local customs duties and VAT may apply for shipments outside the USA.

We usually ship your charger in a couple of days. When it ships it should be with you in 2-5 days. During high demand, the processing time will be around one week. For locations outside the US, shipping times will be longer depending on the transportation method you choose.


Yes, you can close the compartment lid while the charger is installed.



The charger supports 10W wireless charging, however the USB output on your Tesla only supports 5 or 7,5 W (depending on your model year). If you wish to use the full 10W you can use the 12 V outlet (requires an adapter).