Tesla wireless phone charger

Model S/X

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Double charger! - The world´s first!

Wireless charging

Mid console in Tesla closed

There when you need it, invisible when you dont.

Why wireless?


With the Tesla wireless charger, you don't have to look away from the road to charge your phone. Looking down to plug in your phone while driving is a significant safety risk.

Drive safe!


We’ve all been there. The charging cable has tangled itself, and the end is laying somewhere on the floor. This is a problem of the past. The Tesla wireless charger is an easy solution. Drop your phone in, and it will start charging. 


All in all, extremely pleased

US customer

The charger blends with the original interior, and becomes a part of the car

Norwegian customer

Thank you for excellent customer support!

Dutch customer

So much easier then using the original small charging tab

Us customer

All in all, extremely pleased

Us customer

How to install the charger

Winter driving

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